About Muscle Works Chiropractic


Our Team

Dr. Jason Painter, DC

Dr. Jason Painter, DC

VP, Founding Member

A past time martial artist and bouldering fan. Jason was raised in a family full of medical practitioners. He is trained in traditional chiropractic, activator method, dry needling and kinesiotaping.

Dr. Kyler Mahoney, DC

Dr. Kyler Mahoney, DC

CEO, Founding Member

An avid basketball player and runner, Kyler has always striven to live a healthy and active life. He is trained in diversified technique, muscle activation and dry needling.

skiier living a fullness of life. pain free and injury free about muscle works chiropractic of farmington utah.

The Story

To Help Everyone Reach Higher…

The unofficial motto of Muscle Works. We began our journey as a practice in November of 2017 in Farmington Utah, hoping to add a new level of effectiveness in recovery to injuries and improving athletic and everyday performance. Traditional chiropractic, as with any other technique, has its limitations. We believe we’ve found a better way- through the incorporation of muscular re-engagement. This would enable the body to maintain its alignment with its own power more effectively, instead of turning the chiropractor into a temporary fix to relieve the patient from pains that occur from misalignments.

The word spread fast, and within a year of opening up the first clinic, Brigham Young University recruited us to become preferred providers for their athletes in Provo, and so we opened our second clinic November 1, 2018.