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muscle works chiropractic loves the centerville city hall located in Centerville utah
muscle works chiropractic likes the viewmont v above centerville utah

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We Love Centerville!

Centerville Utah is a great place to live and play! Walk outside of our new chiropractic clinic and you can see, or hear, what Centerville is all about. Most of our clients are from the Davis County area and enjoy living and playing here as much as we do. When the play results in injury, we utilize traditional chiropractic adjusting techniques along with innovative muscle activation therapy techniques to end pain and get your muscles and joints working to their full potential.

Many of our clients hike, backpack, mountain bike, and ATV ride on the mountains to our east, and we help keep them moving. Look south, and you can see, and hear, Lagoon amusement park where fun can sometimes result in whiplash and other neck and back injuries. All around us you’ll find football and soccer fields, including the Forza Soccer club field house, and other active outdoor activity options like the Legacy Events Center, and The Great Salt Lake Nature Center at Farmington Bay. This is what we love about Centerville. So much to do, so many active people to help keep moving! When you ask, “is there a chiropractor near me?” please consider Muscle Works Chiropractic.

More To Love About Centerville

A pond up Farmington Canyon and Francis Peak near Centerville Utah

Farmington Canyon

Past Farmington Pond and up Farmington Canyon you’ll find some of our favorite activities. In the summer, hiking, ATV and mountain bike trails are in use. In the winter, snowshoeing and snowmobiling take over. We’ve seen plenty of clients do all of these things, and whose muscles and joints needed help. Come see us and we’ll get your body working again, and we’ll see you on the mountain in no time!

muscle works chiropractic loves Flag Rock, near centerville utah

Flag Rock

East of Centerville Utah is a trail one of our chiropractic clients turned us onto that leads to Patsy’s Mine and Flag Rock. The Flag Rock trail passes the Bonneville Shoreline Trail and can be hiked in about an hour. There are two well placed benches on this trail for taking a break. We love this hike for the view it provides of Farmington, Lagoon, the Great Salt Lake and Antelope Island, and the surrounding cities of Davis County including Bountiful, Centerville, Fruit Heights, Kaysville, and Layton.

Davis County Legacy Events Center near centerville Utah

Davis County Legacy Center

Our clients include horse owners who participate in equestrian events at the Davis County Legacy Events Center in Farmington Utah. Cutting events and jumper shows are tough and physically demanding. See what chiropractic coupled with muscle activation can do for you! (Expert tip: look for the Mexican Circus they host. Its a blast for the kids!)

Muscle Works Chiropractic loves The Collossus Fire Dragon at Lagoon Amusement Park in Farmington Utah

Lagoon - What Fun Is!

Centerville is neighbor to Utah’s largest amusement park, Lagoon. If you haven’t been there, you really need to give it a try. They do a great job of keeping up the rides and add new and exciting rides every few years. They also have a water park with fantastic slides and a lazy river. And don’t forget FrightMares in October! Keep us in mind if your day at Lagoon results in a sore back or neck, we’ll get you up and running again!

Muscle Works chiropractic loves mountain biking trails in centerville utah

Biking Everywhere

We know a LOT of people in Centerville. One thing most of them have in common: they ride bikes. A lot. With immediate access to mountain trails and the Legacy Highway Trail system, Centerville gives unparalleled access to both road and mountain bike riding. Many of those riders suffer from neck and lower back problems. Don’t let these pains stand in your way. Muscle activation and chiropractic can get you back on your bike, pain free.

Golf Injuries

Residents of Centerville, Utah love their golf. The Lakeside golf course is located in near Centerville and with 18 holes provides plenty of challenge for local golfers.

Lets get your back on the course!


Sports Injuries

Your kids play soccer, basketball, baseball, football, tennis, bike, trampoline and more.

We help their bodies heal quickly, and stay injury free.

Outdoor Sports Injuries

Whether you enjoy biking, hiking, or skiing, we’ll help your body perform at its best injury free.

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