Injury Prevention

Stay In Play Longer

weight lifter with injured wrist. Find pain free and injury prevention life through muscle works chiropractic of farmington utah.
woman tennis player is pain free and injury free through muscle works chiropractic of farmington utah.

Why Muscle Activation for Pain & Injury Prevention?

Muscle Activation Therapy resolves weak links in the neuromuscular system, thus permitting the body to perform more effectively, preventing injury and removing pain. By making sure your muscles are working correctly, we not only decrease the chances of pain and injury due to a more stable muscular support system but also help boost quality of life.

Many techniques today manage traumas or the degenerative challenges that take place with age, but none address the degenerated messaging in our neuromuscular system. The Muscle Activation Technique fills this void. Muscle Activation Technique addresses age- and injury-related damage and pain in our muscular system due to the build-up of stress and injury to our systems.

Muscle Activation also acknowledges that problems in our neuromuscular function may be a result of injuries, especially accumulated injuries. Muscle degeneration and an increased sensitivity to pain and more frequent injury may result if these problems are not regularly addressed.

If not addressed, we see a decline in the muscle tissues’ ability to manage typical daily physical stress, exercise, and overall physical performance. Muscle Activation is a system tailored for determining and resolving these changed neural pathways. It restores muscle health and results in decreased susceptibility to injury and improved capacity to perform.