Adding Another Dimension to Healing

A family achieving wellness and health together through many physical activities and with muscle works chiropractic of farmington utah

The Power of Massage

Here at Muscle Works, we recognize that muscle activation and chiropractic is not always the full answer. That is why we have incorporated massage therapy. Massage is a powerful tool that focuses on the most universal system in the body- the fascia. Fascia is the connective tissue of the body and is responsible for maintaining our shape. Because massage affects the fascial system, it can address a wide variety of issues (to learn more see Massage Types on our Blog) from speeding recovery time in athletes to lowering blood pressure. 

Speed Healing

Massage techniques can be used to speed up the body’s natural processes of healing by improving blood flow, helping to move inflammation out of an area, and more.

Boost Immune System

The immune system is dramatically affected by physical touch. Massage is a great way to help boost your ability to handle stress and enhance your immunity.

Enhance Athleticism

Massage is one of the biggest tools for athletes in today’s competitive world to give them an edge. Massage boosts flexibility, helps prevent injury and much more.

I got a massage from Kelsy their massage therapist last night. It was a great massage she was especially attentive to my lower back and neck which had been hurting prior to the massage. I slept better than I have in a long time without waking up to move or being sore in the morning. I will be going back for sure!

Brad S