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Improve your Health and Performance


  • Restore body’s natural healing ability
  • Restore natural joint and bone location
  • Locked spine and joint manipulation
  • Restore body’s natural range of motion
  • Alleviate back and joint pain

Muscle activation

  • Evaluate muscles ability to contract
  • Restore muscle function & strength
  • Improve flexibility and range of motion
  • Lower risk of injury due to instability
  • Reduce pain by better muscle function


  • Support and stabilize areas of injury
  • Rehabilitate injured muscles
  • Assist removal of inflammation to speed healing
  • Helps prevent further injury


Dry Needling

  • Improve injury recovery & rehabilitation
  • Aid healing of damaged tissue
  • Reduce Scars, improve range of motion and flexibility
  • Maximum muscle efficiency & function


  • Reduce Inflammation and swelling
  • Chronic pain treatment and reduction
  • Increase dopamine and endorphin release in the brain
  • Relieve headaches, including migraines


  • Calm irritated and inflamed tissue
  • Promote healing and relaxation
  • Remove inflammation from the system
  • Break up fascial adhesions
  • Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports and Reiki

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