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Increased my Max Squat

“I have an extensive injury history that has caused me to have chronic back pain. My first bad back injury was a snowboarding accident that left me laying in bed for almost two months, at the age of 15. Since that time I have herniated 5 discs in my back from serving as a firefighter in 2013, which ended that career… I have seen 4 chiropractors, 3 physical therapists, and 2 orthopedic doctors. The first session with Jason was very cool! He was able to pinpoint many muscles that aren’t firing properly. He did his “Voodoo” as we call it, and then tested the muscle again; my strength was back! A couple of days later I was back at the gym and I was able to increase my squat by 50 pounds and my right lower back didn’t hurt or feel like it was about to flare, as it normally does after a power squat. Go see him if you have any pain at all! You wont regret it!”  ~Nathan G.

Above the Call of Duty

What wonderful and caring people these doctors are! They go over and above the call of duty. They are truly concerned about their patients  well being. I trust them beyond measure.~ Trina C.

I Play Lacrosse

“I play lacrosse and I had back problems. I came here and they got me readjusted and worked on my back muscles and it ended up improving my lacrosse shot from 85 mph to 95 mph just because they woke up my sleeping back muscles. Highly recommend”

Branson W.

Keeping me from Surgery

“I’m a swimmer and these people are the only thing keeping me from shoulder surgery. I have also had bad knee problems that they have fixed.”

Drake R.

I Can Run Longer

“I have been an athlete my whole life and am a personal trainer. Unfortunately due to sports and injuries I have had to have 3 surgeries on my right knee. Because of that my knee has become very weak. Dr. Painter has only worked on my knee twice and I have already seen great improvement. After he worked on my knee I was able to run longer than I have been able to since before my last knee surgery. I highly recommend him and have been very impressed by the entire muscle works staff. I am now referring my personal training clients to him if they have injuries.”

Jan C.

Gymnastics Help

“So glad to have found this place. My daughter is an upper level gymnast and does plenty of pounding to her body.  She had a bad foot injury and I am fully convinced with Dr. Mahoney and Dr. Painters help she was back doing what she loves with all her muscles firing properly faster and feeling better than before her injury.   Wish we would have found them years sooner.  Do your body a favor try them out, you will be glad you did.”

Zoe Z.

Let me tell you...

“Let me tell you how wonderful Muscle Works is. I was greeted by Megan, who generally cares about you and your pain. I met with Dr. Painter who detected 18 muscle that were not working, which explains why I needed help off the gym floor. My first day I was standing at about 5’4 and came out my normal standing self of 5’8’’. Dr. Painter, is kind personable and has an awesome sense of humor. The treatment I received was incredible. Mind you I was pretty messed up so it took a few visits. The goal was to get me fixed to get back to the gym for my next bootcamp class which I will be attending thanks to all the wonderful people at Muscle Works.  YAY!!!”

Jessica W.

Amazing Experience

“Amazing experience! The Doctors here are super friendly and very knowledgeable in their field. The muscle activation works and helped me with my neck pain. I haven’t had a kinked neck since, which I would get almost every other week. They know their chiropractic very well and have performed better than other chiropractors that I have been too by being able to tell where you need the adjustment and getting it adjusted better. Highly recommended!”

Mark D.

They Took the Time

“I have seen the doctors at Muscleworks and they are very knowledgable, professional and friendly. They were able to diagnose the source of my pain and explain to me what the cause was in a way that was easy for me to understand. They took the time to answer my questions and explain their treatment methods. It is clear that their goal is to help you feel better and return to the activities you love –  it is not to treat you for the rest of your life. After working with them I have been able to train more regularly without pain and achieve the goals I have been working towards. I would highly recommend them!!!!”

Eric C.

A Lasting Fix

“I started having minor back problems back in October so I visited a regular chiropractor a few times and began to feel better but still didn’t feel my 100%. I came home for Christmas break and on Christmas day I could barely move my back hurt so bad. If I sat down, I had to have someone help me up and I couldn’t walk faster than my 90 year old grandma- I’m 20! I felt that way for about a week until one of my friends suggested Muscle Works. Dr. Painter gave my lower back a muscle examination and it turned out that I only had 3 tiny muscles working! We reactivated 3 more muscles and I have been feeling AMAZING ever since. I can’t wait to reactivate more!!”

Sydney H.

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