Back Pain


According to the Global Burden of Disease 2010, low back pain is the leading cause of disability worldwide. Some experts estimate that as much as 80% of the entire US population will experience back problems in their lives and that America spends at least $50 billion on treatment every year. Low back pain can be horribly debilitating for those who struggle with it. Back pain affects every aspect of our lives as well, from the way we move, stand, sleep, and perform our daily activities. If we have back pain, it dramatically affects our quality of life.

Our Solution

The research community has dedicated millions to identify effective treatment for the back, and the number one most successful treatment identified to date is chiropractic care. We go one step further than just utilizing traditional chiropractic. We first evaluate the muscles of the back to see which of the muscles is not maintaining the musculature of the back in their proper place. We can then activate those muscles using the Muscle Activation Technique to facilitate your body’s own ability to protect against improper spinal alignment. Once those muscles have been “turned on” again, you can strengthen them through specialized low back exercises. With continued strengthening and stretching the back pain that was first treated will normally not return, leaving you free to go and do all the things you love to do pain-free.

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Client View

I started having minor back problems back in October so I visited a regular chiropractor a few times and began to feel better but still didn’t feel my 100%. I came home for Christmas break, and on Christmas Day, I could barely move my back hurt so bad. If I sat down, I had to have someone help me up and I couldn’t walk faster than my 90-year-old grandma. I’m 20! I felt that way for about a week until one of my friends suggested Muscle Works. Dr. Painter gave my lower back a muscle examination, and it turned out that I only had 3 tiny muscles working! We reactivated 3 more muscles and I have been feeling AMAZING ever since. I can’t wait to reactivate more!!

Sydney H


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