Elbow Pain


The clinical condition known as ‘Tennis Elbow’ is a common ailment where one experiences pain in the outer elbow and upper forearm. It is most often caused by inflammation in the tendons of the elbow, which can be caused by more than just playing tennis. The pain in not actually caused by the elbow; rather it is a result of excessive use of the extensor muscle tendon that attaches to the elbow. Tennis elbow is an over-use injury caused by repeated motions in the wrist. Some sports that commonly aggravate this condition include tennis, other racket activities, and golf. These activities put the forearm muscles under significant pressure and could result in a strain injury with repeated use.

Symptoms of tennis elbow include the following:

  • Weakness of the wrist
  • Tenderness across the exterior of the elbow
  • Pain in raising or folding the arm
  • Inability to stretch the forearm completely
  • Pain when grasping, raising, and carrying

Pain and suffering may persist for less than a few weeks or for a few years, if neglected.

Our Solution

Our strategy for working with elbow pain begins with evaluating the musculature at and around the elbow joint. This includes muscle that attach in the forearm as well as in the upper arm, making for a total of 16 . Once all the muscles have been evaluated, we can then “turn on” those muscles that have been shut down due to trauma using the Muscle Activation Technique. After that, the muscles can be strengthened using specific exercises to minimize the risk of reinjury. If the muscles of that area are maintained properly, they can stay injury-free for years.

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