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If your hobbies or employment entails using your hands, you may find you have more pain by the end of your day. Some pastimes like woodworking, sewing, painting, knitting or some sports could induce the buildup of chronic pain in the hands. Rather than taking prescription pain medicines that could result in various health issues or other unwanted effects, try chiropractic treatment to end hand pain. A chiropractor may be able to reduce your symptoms and rebuild the range of movement in the hands, wrists and fingertips.

In some instances, wrist or hand pain might be a consequence of a misalignment of the bones in the neck or spine. The nerves to your fingertips, arms and hands start around the spinal-cord. A slipped disc in the back could compress nerves that end in the hands; ultimately inducing pain, numbness or tingling.

Our Solution

Our system is simple: Evaluation, Activation, Strengthening, and Maintenance.

There are 29 bones in the wrist and hand, and 34 muscles moving them. Our first step in treating a patient is to evaluate which of the muscles are not firing correctly and whether the cause of pain is a subluxation of a joint or a problem elsewhere in the body. Once the inactive muscles are identified, and any other cause is corrected, the next step is to activate the muscles that are identified. After that, your normal activities as well as specific exercises can be used to strengthen your hand and maintain a pain free state.

The hand may not be the whole problem, however, since the nerves that innervate it run all the way up into the neck. The muscles of the shoulder and neck can also be the cause of numbness or tingling in the hands. The doctors of Muscle Works use the very same process described above to identify and activate the muscles of those areas so that they can support the housing of the nerves properly and, thus, eliminate the pain in the hands.

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