Concussion / Head Injury


Head injuries in sports activities, accidents, and traumatic events happen frequently. Two recurring challenges in the head and neck region are whiplash (neck damage from high speed jolts) and concussion (mild, traumatic brain injury). These injuries oftentimes occur simultaneously but may not be readily apparent. One can also lead to a higher probability of the other. For example, if a football player sustains a whiplash injury, the damaged and inhibited musculature of the neck cannot support the head as readily, thus making any future blows more likely to cause a concussion.

Our Solution

Any head blow may cause misalignment of the cervical spine. Traditional chiropractic techniques can test for such misalignments and correct them, which will most often relieve neck pain and headaches. But that is not enough to correct the entire problem. That is because, by definition, whiplash entails neck muscle and tissue damage, not just misalignment. It can trigger severe neck pain and limited neck range of motion. To counteract the short- and long-term effects of whiplash, we must identify the specific muscles that sustained enough damage to be inactivated and reactivate them. This will speed the rate of healing, defend against further damage, and prevent degenerative arthritis from ever beginning (left untreated, most individuals will develop degenerative arthritis years after the initial accident).

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Client View

We have been trying to get my daughter help with migraines post chiari 1 malformation surgery. Nothing seemed to help long term until we found muscle balancing. Thanks Dr. Painter and Dr. Mahoney.

Kristi T


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