Hip Pain


The hip complex is the foundation our body. It maintains us upright, enables us to carry weight, to walk, jog, and jump. Because our hips are involved in almost every motion we make, hip pain can be exceptionally debilitating. Since hip pain is often the result of arthritis or damage, it may also be an indication of additional problems. A chiropractor can help determine the causes of your hip pain and devise a customized treatment strategy for your symptoms.

Our Solution

Like any other joint in the body, the hip is maintained by bone, ligaments, and muscles. The hip joint is exceptionally well developed with some of the strongest ligaments and muscles in the entire body. If any of these muscles are damaged, we can utilize the assessment in the Muscle Activation Technique to identify if any of them are inhibited. Those muscles can, in turn, be reactivated and help restore the proper biomechanics of the hip joint.

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