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Baseball players improve athletic performance at Muscle Works Chiropractic in Farmington, Utah.

Typically, attempts to improve athletic prowess in sports is offered by coaches or athletic/personal trainers. They push their athletes to compete at higher and higher levels by using the latest scientifically-proven training methods available. This includes High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Plyometrics, myofascial release techniques, and many more. Even with the advances in sports performance, the ever-rising levels of competition make it a challenge for athletes to avoid injury.

That is where Muscle Activation Therapy comes into play. It is the breakthrough needed to facilitate this higher level of competitiveness. Muscle Activation is designed to help athletes perform not just at a higher level, but to recover from accidents more quickly or prevent injury from occurring at all. Muscle Activation enables athletes to utilize their bodies at their fullest potential, making them more effective in their training and competing at their best.


An athlete must consistently train at a high intensity level to stay competitive. This presents the potential for damage to joints and muscle. That potential is increased when athletes have inactive and imbalanced muscles, causing them to be susceptible to injury of unsupported tissue and joints. Particularly when training at high intensity, these imbalances are amplified, and the body will break down under the stress.

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I play lacrosse and I had back problems. I came here and they got me readjusted and worked on my back muscles and it ended up improving my lacrosse shot from 85 mph to 95 mph just because they woke up my sleeping back muscles. Highly recommend

Branson W

Lacrosse Player

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