Knee Pain


When pain is coming from the knee, all of its components need to be assessed, including all the stabilizing ligaments and muscles. But because the knee is so interconnected, it’s also important to identify any misalignment in the low back, pelvis, hip, ankle joint, and feet should be reviewed for their impact on the knee. Stabilizing muscles may also be inactive or inefficiently firing.

Our Solution

Our strategy to treat the knee involves examining the muscles and joints associated with the entire kinetic chain (this includes the foot, ankle, and hip). This is because pain frequently ends up being introduced to the knee from several other regions such as the lower leg, low back, or pelvis.

For example, if the ankle or foot joints function improperly, they alter and increase strains on the knee which over time may cause injury. In this case, the solution to eliminating the knee pain would be to correct the foot and ankle.

Our Process







Client View

Muscle Works is an awesome and professional place! I have been an athlete my whole life and am a personal trainer. Unfortunately, due to sports injuries, I have had to have knee surgery 3 times on my right knee. Because of that, my knee has become very weak, as are the muscles around it. Dr. Painter has only worked on my knee twice, and I have already seen great improvement. After he worked on my knee, I was able to run longer than I have been able to since before my last knee surgery. I highly recommend him and have been very impressed by the entire muscle works staff. I am now referring my personal training clients to him if they have injuries.
Janalee M


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