Neck Pain


Neck pain from sporting events or an active lifestyle can range from a minor irritation to the excruciating. Depending on its severity, neck pain can be so debilitating that it keeps you from some of the most important activities in our lives such as exercising, sleeping, and working.

The neck houses structures that can lead to a large array of problems in other areas of the body. Irritation along the spinal pathways in the neck can cause headaches, weakness, tingling, and numbness into the shoulders, back, head, arms, and hands. Irritation of the spinal cord itself can cause back pain that radiates into the legs and other areas beyond the neck.

Our Solution

Our system is simple: Evaluation, Activation, Strengthening, and Maintaining.

An injured neck needs two things to heal completely: proper alignment of the spinal column and the ability to maintain that proper alignment through functioning muscles. We begin with a comprehensive evaluation of the muscles of the neck. That evaluation will give us the muscles that need to be activated to properly support the weight of the head in relation to the spine. Once the muscles are reactivated, exercises for the neck can be utilized to strengthen weakened muscles. This will improve your body’s overall ability to withstand other potentially traumatic forces and absorb them without damage.

Along with the Muscle Activation Technique, we also implement traditional chiropractic techniques to ensure proper alignment of the spine and to release pressure off of the many nerves in the neck. This system in general is a powerful way to heal injuries, prevent further damage, and, most importantly, help you live the life you want to.

Our Process







Amazing experience! The doctors here are super friendly and very knowledgeable in their field. The muscle activation works and helped me with my neck pain. I haven’t had a kinked neck since, which I would get almost every other week. They know their chiropractic [treatments] very well and have performed better than other chiropractors that I have been to by being able to tell where you need the adjustment and getting it adjusted better. Highly recommended!

Mark D


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