Shoulder Pain


Shoulder pain is an extremely common problem in America, impacting almost fifty percent of us at some stage in our lives. Those numbers are much higher for athletes in overhead sports such as baseball, volleyball, and swimming.

This is because the shoulder joint is one of the most mobile joints in the entire animal kingdom. Such mobility is made possible by a lack of stability provided by the bone and joints around the shoulder. Nearly all the stability of the shoulder is provided by the 17 muscles surrounding the joint. If any of those muscles becomes inactivated, it can cause serious issues for the overall stability of the shoulder.

Our Solution

Our method of treatment is composed of 4 parts: Evaluate, Activate, Strengthen, and Maintain. Through the Muscle Activation Technique, we identify what muscles in the shoulder are not firing properly. Once identified, we can activate the muscles. The shoulder muscles are particularly challenging to strengthen because each muscle has such a unique action. To strengthen them requires specialized exercises. Continued maintenance after that process is complete will ensure that the shoulder becomes less prone to injury and will help optimize performance.

Our Process







Client View

I saw Dr. Kyler Mahoney for shoulder pain I had been experiencing for 2 years that physicians and MRI scans could not diagnose. After a couple visits I felt immediate improvement and I have been pain free for 5 months. I’ve gained range of motion back and have been able to return to activities I enjoy such as swimming long distance. I currently see him for my hip I recently had surgery on. I am seeing great improvement in this area as well!

Madalyn A.

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