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Dr. Kyler Mahoney

DC, CEO of Muscle Works

An avid basketball player and runner, Kyler has always striven to live a healthy and active life. He is trained in diversified technique, muscle activation and dry needling as well as McKenzie Diagnostic Protocol. He studied at Utah State for his undergraduate, and then went to Parker University in Dallas for his doctorate. He is the proud father of four children.


Dr. Jason Painter

DC, VP, Founding Member

A former martial artist and avid rock climber/boulderer. Jason was raised in a family full of medical practitioners. He is trained in traditional chiropractic, activator method, dry needling and kinesiotaping. He has also studied nutrition and regenerative medicine in his post-doctorate training. He studied in Parker University and BYU for his undergraduate work.


Dr. Eric Danielson


Eric is a sports and music enthusiast with a passion for living an active and adventurous life.  He studied Exercise Science at Utah Valley University before attending Palmer College of Chiropractic West, where he was highly involved in sports chiropractic.  He is trained in diversified technique, muscle activation, kinesiology taping, McKenzie Diagnostic Protocol and myofascial cupping.


Kim Painter

Physical Therapist

Kim Painter is highly specialized in Craniosacral Therapy (CST). Educated as a physical therapist  at Northwestern University in Chicago, she has been practicing in Texas for over 27 years. She teaches CST for the Upledger Institute International and trains practitioners worldwide. Her major focus now is in conception, pregnancy, and pediatric care but can help with conditions such as  headache, concussions, vertigo, chronic pain and more. Having just moved from Texas to Utah, she is ready to help you and your family reach their optimal health! 


Janelle Maxwell

Massage Therapist

Janelle has been practicing CST since 2018 and is in Techniques Certified through the Upledger Institute. She frequently acts as a Teaching Assistant for Upledger classes. This is a work she is passionate about because of the incredible results and benefits she has seen in her own life. Janelle has experience working with military veterans, concussion and TBI care, post-surgical pediatric brain tumor care, PTSD, pregnancy and babies, athletes, and acute and chronic pain.


Jennifer Bloye

Massage Therapist

Originally from Southern California, Jenny started her personal healing journey, looking for a way to balance mind and body health. Her chiropractor steered her toward body work, specifically Craniosacral Therapy. Jenny graduated from massage school in 2020 and has been
training through the Upledger Institute to certify in Craniosacral Therapy. Jenny loves doing CST with all demographics and is especially passionate about helping those who are ready to release negative patterns and embrace healing for their whole self. Jenny also loves Manual Lymphatic Drainage and restoring the natural fluid flow of that system. With both Craniosacral
Therapy and Lymphatic Drainage, Jenny listens and supports her clients’ healing process. In her free time, Jenny is busy with her husband, two sons, two dogs, and four chickens. She loves hiking, boating, and being in warm weather.


What Defines MuscleWorks

In Depth Evaluation

During your initial examination, our patients undergo a thorough review of over 250 muscles in the body as well as perform a complete bio-mechanical assessment.

Comprehensive Approach

Traditional chiropractic is a powerful healing tool, Yet at Muscle Works, we go beyond traditional care by offering a variety of skills that focus not only on the skeleteal system but also on the muscular and fascial systems, guaranteeing a complete solution tailored to your body's needs.

Over 20 Years of Experience

We pride ourselves on continuing our professional development to ensure we offer our patients the most advanced and effective treatments modern healthcare has to offer.

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