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What is the Activator Method?

Chiropractic comes in many shapes and forms. Activator is one of the safest, most well researched forms of adjusting to date. The technique utilizes a specialized tool to send impulses into dysfunctional joints to set them into the correct position again. 

The Activator Technique is the most well researched technique in the entire field of chiropractic and has been found to be safe on every population. It is also a great way to get introduced to chiropractic care for those who are hesitant to get "popped" since there is no twisting, bending or popping involved.  

Common Questions

  • Does it hurt?

    • No! The Activator tool uses a max of 200 Newtons of force, which is roughly the force you would use to open a door.

  • How effective is it?

    • The Activator Technique has a lot of research backing it as a powerful tool to reduce subluxations, which are a main cause of musculoskeletal pain. Take a look below if you are interested in seeing said research.

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1)Polkinghorn BS, Colloca CJ. Treatment of symptomatic lumbar disc herniation using activator methods chiropractic technique. Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics. 1998 Mar-Apr;21(3):187-196.

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