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What is Muscle Activation?

Muscle Activation is the primary technique used in our clinics, and is designed to identify muscles that have "shut down" and then re-engage. In a 15 minute period the doctor pushes on a series of anatomically significant points on the body to reset the neurological connection between the brain and the dysfunctional muscle. After that, the muscle will show significant increases in reactivity and strength.

The Muscle Activation Therapy is rooted in both eastern medicine practices (acupuncture) as well as Western medical arts including osteopathy and chiropractic.


How this improves your life

Chiropractic as a treatment is an excellent form of treatment, but it is incomplete. It's focus is to reset joints into optimal position for improved motion and function, and increase mobility. The problem is that chiropractic adjustments cannot stabilize the joints in that position. Muscle Activation is exceptionally good at increasing stabilization by ensuring your muscles hold the joints in the right position through movement. 

Muscle Activation has been shown to increase the strength, endurance, and speed of muscles while decreasing pain and inappropriate and inefficient bio-mechanical movements. This translates to benefits such as improved athletic performance, improved sleep, and the ability to work for longer periods of time.

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