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Ketogenesis Basics

Keto is a popular dieting option that has enticed many to try out its principles to lose weight while still maintaining their lean muscle mass. As far as diets go, it is really an easy one to follow—any diet that encourages you to consume a ribeye steak grilled in butter has my vote! But does it work, and if so, how? This article will help answer those questions, as well as help you understand how to start.

Before we go into anything else, though, lets cover some basic nutrition. There are three primary sources our bodies can burn as fuel. Those are Carbohydrates, Fats, and Proteins. Each of these three sources are broken down into small molecules called ATP (Adenine Tri-Phosphate), which are known as the “energy currency” of our body. Think of it this way:

While we use the US Dollar, there are many other forms of currency in our world as well as in our body. Yen, Pesos, Pounds, checks, gold, and even bitcoin are all examples in our external world. Our body is designed to work with a specific currency, but it can convert other “currencies” into ATP, which is utilized throughout any metabolic process in our bodies.

Got that? Good. Now, here is the kicker—some bodies are more efficient at breaking down certain fuels. While some people will have a hard time converting fat into ATP, others have no problem at all. How can you get better at using fat? Easy! You force your body to do just that. Ketogenic diets are very low in carb while high in proteins and fats, and this compels your body to boost its efficiency in processing fats. This means you lose “fluff” easier, while maintaining your lean muscle mass.

Sounds pretty amazing, right? It gets better. Therapeutic ketogenic diets have been found to be one of the best diets to boost cognitive function and brain healing after such traumas as concussions.

Dr. Painter and his wife have loved living in a keto mindset. Painter’s wife is an exquisite cook and loves to experiment with the low carb recipes, keeping them healthy and satisfied. Let's take a moment to salivate over one of their favorite meals: Lemon chicken piccata with broccoli, finished with a keto cheesecake and raspberry drizzle.

If you think you’d like to try keto, be sure to commit yourself to a couple of weeks. You’ll likely start seeing changes quickly, but the full benefits come once your body has a chance to realign with the new energy exchange (between 4 and 6 weeks). And don’t forget to find rich, flavorful dessert recipes to keep your motivation high!


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